Thursday, July 12, 2007

Computers...viruses, trojans...who writes this crap?
So, I am killing time, looking for a new background for myspace...cause I am cool like that. lol...And, then my computer starts going into a frenzy everytime I tab a new page! Everytime! And, I am thinking "Who gets paid to write this crap?" It is a menace! In the back of my mind I am thinking "My husband isn't going to be happy, really he is the only one that uses this thing...for school. He can't function without it!" Holy Moly, what am I going to do? I remembered how to put it back into "safe mode." Then from there, I can pick a day that the computer wasn't sick. It turns back time, and there you go. It is not sick.
I wish I could turn my white hairs into "safe mode." Turn back time to where there was no white hairs. No, adult achne problems. No, fine lines. No, hail damage. That would be nice.
However, I live in the real world...And, I have my hair colored for the few white hairs that I have. I use achne products with anti-aging stuff. And, hail damage? At my age who doesn't have hail damage?
I can tell that I am getting back into "fit" mode. "Fit" mode is when you have exercised enough that you feel better, look somewhat less dense. When you wake up at 6:50, you feel guilty for sleeping when it is going to rain, and get up and exercise. "Fit" mode is when you have been eating healthier and you think you might want a french fry, or several...and, you know that it is going to feel like a giant oil spill in your mouth. How long does "fit" mode last? Until "I can do it tomorrow" mode kicks in. lol...

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