Monday, May 07, 2007

Jason went to Chicago last week. This is his last week of school for about 5 weeks. Yeah!

Yesterday, we were married for 2 years. Yeah! And, we haven't killed each other! Yeah! lol...No, he is great. I mowed the lawn for him on Friday. Then on Saturday, I cleaned out the garage from where it smelled bad because our hot water heater busted. Yep, I came home one day, and water was leaking out of the garage. I thought...that isn't good. We got another new one.

Hope is graduating, turning 18, getting married, and moving out within a month and a week. Yeah...for her and Miguel...and, that is exciting!

I am really proud of Bishop, he is turning out to be such a good young man. He is learning to stand up for what he believes in, as long as it isn't telling me Over the past couple of years, I have shared with him what flies with me, and what won't. At this juncture...he abides by my expectations of his behavior. He is such a good boy. And, he is getting fun to talk to. He just talks and talks and talks to me. I love that! :)He keeps on telling me that he isn't going to be a mama's boy. Too late, he already is. :) lol...No, he isn't that needy and dependant. :)

Well, he is sick today. C U later.

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