Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Okay...I have the most fabulous husband ever. Erin can have her HH...I have my FH! I look other marriages, and I see that I am not only talking about growing experiences; but, I also have a man that dotes on my the way I dote on him. He is wonderful...

And, the next couple of weeks is going to be stressful. State testing is in 2 weeks. I am desperately trying to get everything crammed in before state testing! I want my kids to do well.

I haven't heard from my mother in a while, I guess she is out galavanting the country side in with her retired self. I wish I were retired. However, being a teacher means that I don't do much in the summer. I get to SLEEP late, and anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my

Wow...that is great!

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EE said...

Isn't great having awesome husbands?? I think we're in the minority!
Love the FH!