Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I have been exercising. That is good. I can't believe that I am FAT again, not PHAT...

I ate dinner with fellow teachers from my school tonight. It was really fun. We ate at MiMi's. It was really good. I ate some fried pickles! I love fried pickles. It is nice to have dinner with them...I laugh and laugh at stories that we all have to share.

I also wrote my family letter that is sent around to all the family members with my last name. It is fun to read what each and every one of them have to share. I have a fabulous family that I married into.

I have no air conditioning in my room at school. I am glad that it will be getting cooler the end of this week. It might take several weeks to get this thing fixed. Yikes! Heat! 7th graders! Body odor! Thank God that I have terrible allergies, and I can't smell right now.

I have also written the trivia questions for my classes. I am anxious to see if anyone figures them out...Can you?

An English Girl Group was formed, and they sang a song "Eternal Flame." This song is a cover version of the 1989 hit sang by the Bangles. One of the member's names is a name that you know, what name might this be?
This name is also the name of a villain of a 1960's cartoon. This person lived in a country that is fictional; however, what did this country export? Non-fiction question: Who was granted a patient in 1886 to invet this "modern _____?"
And, this patent was granted to who in the United States in the year 1789?

One of my kids loves these questions! It is neat that he bothers me about getting them up on my board. You can wikipedia these answers...I did.

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