Monday, April 02, 2007

My two boys have the stomach virus. That's nice. Really...

Bishop is going to stay home tomorrow with Jason. I wish I could...

The best news is that my air conditioning went out at school. Yep, I see an average of 75 kids a day. That means that everyday, there is a chance of 75 of them having body odor. Sweet. Love those odds. However, after talking with my principals, I think they will bring me a fan, and some ice water for my kids. :)

The state testing is in two weeks, and this is time to cram everything in that we can. Woo-Hoo!

Oh, I emailed one of my longest friends of all times...and, she emailed me back. It was a pleasure hearing from her. She has a precious son...Things that I remember about being in JHschool...I remember I was nieve, and still am to some extent. I remember going with several of us and sharing ham and cheese sandwhiches. I remember that my good friend would come over and spend the night, we would walk over to Domino's get a pizza, a soda, and walk to EZ mart and get our horoscopes. I remember going to her house for a slumber party...and talked the girls into believing that there was a ghost in the non-exsistant basement. I remember having a crush on some Steve guy, who was much more worldly than I was...he said that I was too nice. I remember neon ties, socks, and mullets. Yes, I had a mullet. That is nice. I remember picking to play the bassoon in band, so that I might always be first chair first remember, twirling the rifle...Can you imagine me twirling the rifle? I remember study hall was in one big room...My last name started with a, I was always somewhere towards the end. I remember, going on a church trip. I rode a canoe with my friend Rebecca. She thought she saw a snake, and jumped into the river with the giant stick. She had to remind me of that, because all I remember was that I was getting a pooch. lol...And, have had one ever since. Those are the days...when I was young, nieve, and trying to find where I belong.

What was it like for you?

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