Thursday, March 08, 2007

Guess who's going to Reno?
Yes, we are...this summer. And, guess who is going with us?
My fabulous in-laws! I can't wait!
I have never been to Reno. Neither have they!

So, I made a 40% profit on the purses! I love it!
I got the purse in the mail that I ordered! It is beautiful! I love the smell of nice leather. :)

It has been baby-mama-drama over here this week. My grandbaby's momma and my son...big drama. She is dramatic...he is sometimes. Have been busy with that.

At this juncture, I really don't want to hear her talk about Josh...and I don't want Josh to ask about her. Not that he does, I think he is back with his ex-girlfriend. No, not the other one that is pregnant...the other one. We ate dinner with them tonight. It was quite awkard cause I haven't seen this one since her big drama in the fall. She hasn't wanted to quite see us.

Bishop took a standardized test this week. He said that it was easy because it is a basic skills test.

I gave the same test to my kids. That stresses me out a bunch. I really need to paint my nails; however, I could so go to sleep right now. I might just paint them tomorrow.

Valentine has been sick...I hope that she gets to feeling better. Went out to eat with my collueges, and had a ball! They are so much fun. I didn't like where we went...I loved the company though. They are really funny.

My best girlfriend at work went to see a chiropractor that told her that she walks funny...and said that she can walk with inserts...she said that it was going to be a cold, cold day before she did that. What would she do if she couldn't wear cute shoes? lol...we think alike.

I wore terrible shoes to test feet are killing me. I had Birk's in the car that were brown, and I was wearing black. One of my kiddos said you are crazy not to put those doesn't matter what color they long as my feet don't hurt. One of my girls said that the shoes looked good. :)

That is about it. Testing is over. I have more to write on my NTBS...Bishop goes to his dad's, Jason is stressed about school, Hope is at work, Josh...who knows?, my in-laws are great, and my cute shoes are being hung in the shoe rack for another day.

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EE said...

Reno sounds like a blast!!!!!!
I hate the standardized test, too.
Heck, I hate ALL tests!!!