Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today was great! I taught different polygons.
And...I ate a Big Mac for lunch! It was delicious! I decided that today was another day! It is time to turn a new leaf! I love it!
So, now I am looking for my dad a birthday side tracked was looking at purses. lol...
I just purchased my dad something. Boy, it sure is hard picking something for someone who wants and needs little.
I am about to pay for a coat I bought on Ebay. I love ebay. Well...I didn't win it. Oops...I will look again.
I would really like a seatbelt purse...a red one. I would love a suede coat also. They look really warm. Seeing that I am a granny and all, I get cold easily. lol...

My daughter had a fabulous parent teacher conference. She is doing so well.

I hope that she decides to continue with her birth control shots. I am already a granny, and don't think that I am quite ready to have a new addition. I really don't like babies. They cry, and cry and cry. And, you don't always know why it is crying. Is it that they are hungry? Is it that they have pooped? Is it that they are sick? And, during the whole ordeal...they are still crying. And, their heads bobble like bobble-heads. How I made it with Bishop I don't know. Really. I don't like babies.

I like them when they are about the age of walking, and almost talking. They seem less fragile. And, they don't cry. And, they don't wake up in the middle of the night.
Well, I guess I am going to go do some happy bidding! C U later.

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