Thursday, February 22, 2007

Once upon a time, a fabulous 7th grade Math teacher came across a darling sheep. She decided to take it home and care for it. For, in her is common to have creatures found on a farm in your back yard. She loved this sheep named Lt. Lamb. He grazed and kept the lawn very short for her most fantastic husband...the plumber. And, he was very, very pleased.

One wretchedly rainy day...the fabulous 7th grade Math teacher went to school to start a review for chapter 10. The class that she was reviewing was had a wonderful sense of humor. She began to review with each problem. When the studious students were about to finish all the problems, the teacher decided to begin a review game. It was to be done on a coordinate plane instead of a plain old grid.

She, being loud and boisterious...said "Guess what we are going to do today? Play a game of battlesheep." "Battlesheep?" The kids had no idea that the teacher had Lt. Lamb. And, they went on to win, win, win...The teacher gasped and said.....(next blog.)

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