Sunday, January 14, 2007

We all have different perceptions of what happens in our lives. What I see happen, is very different than what...say my husband sees...or my daughter...or my son...or my dogs...even my students.

This morning, the phone rings at 7:40 a.m. Yes, you read right...tooooo early. It was my daughter who I guess wanted my husband to take her boyfriend to work because of the non-existant ice that was going to make it our way, but has not yet. I hate getting up early on the weekends. Hate it. So, I was kinda cranky. Only kinda.

Well, she comes home really cranky...and it was on like donky kong. She started in on me, and things that I do or haven't done. lol...(Two years ago, I would have been crying like a little baby, staying in bed all week. And, I share this with you because it is a growing experience for me.)
We have set laundry days, because both of us have different laundry styles. And, frankly, I don't want to hear her get all witchy because her laundry isn't too. To put a long story short, she is just as stubborn as the rest of us. I said that today was my laundry day. She went to the garage and yelled and yelled. She came back in and I said that she could do a load today. She said nope, that she would go to the laundry mat. She was so stubborn that she actually left with laundry, and went to her grandma' thank God, I am not a teenager again. However, that is something that I might so stubborn and go out of my way to "show you." In reality, I am just causing more work on

All the time, I think about my new favorite movie. It has all the things that happen. We love for the wrong reasons, we have best friends that aren't always on our side, we have significant others that aren't always loyal, we have kids that behave horribly...and we don't see that at all... cause they are still precious to us, we only think about being number 1, and the thought of being number 2 is ridiculous, we have different perceptions of Jesus, and often times...we mispercieve what really is happening to us, while others thinks we are behaving insanely, others go along with it, and you is all really funny to me to think about life like this...(how do you like that run-on sentence?)

So, what really goes on in a blended family household? It is all a matter of

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