Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So, I am home now, and reviewing my day.
Today wasn't a great Name day for me! I called people the wrong name all day. How embarrassing! First, I kept calling people by the wrong name. ie. Jason for James, or Lonny for Bonny...stuff like that. My rational is they both have brown hair, or blonde hair, or their names are too much alike.

Here is the best one! I called a gal Jaguar today...Yes, I called her by a wildcats name! I know I turned bright red, and I appologized perfusly. Still, I feel bad because that might haunt her. What if kids call her that from now on? I am very, very sorry. Opps.

Last year, I couldn't spell worth a dad-gum. I kept spelling "number" as "numer." What kind of Math teacher can't spell number? I would rather go back to that, than calling students the wrong name.

Back to National Board Certification: I feel overwhelmed with all the STUFF. If it is done wrong, any part...I might have to do that part over again! What if I put the wrong label on something? What if I used a black pen instead of a blue one? What if I start having panic attacks again? What if I just breathe in and out, and follow directions? That would be much easier, huh?

I was also thinking about college. So, here is the story about a man named Jed. No, wrong story! I lived in a room by myself. Valentine lived across the hall from me. One day, I bought a CD, I think Vann Morrison. I was taking my ritual nap, and she called. I answered, and she said the basic hello stuff. I told her that I bought the CD. Now, keep in mind, that often times when Valentine returned from home, she brought back home cooked stuff! So, she said "Wanna cookie?" I jumped down and was in her room before you could blink! And, she was being a smarty pants, she had no cookies. Yes, she still laughs about it today. She told my husband the story just about 6 months ago. lol....however, I was not the one that visited White Russian Village. Was I, Valentine?

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Valentine said...

Okay - I'm laughing out loud. That cookie thing was just too funny.

For real, guys, she jumped down off the top bunk and was in my room while I was still on the phone with her... her poor little face when she realized that there weren't any cookies....

BTW... what about Meagan and that plastic cockroach in the Apple Jacks??? LOL