Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I am terribly sorry to keep some of you waiting, Amy...

This weekend, we got our house ready to put on the market.
Can I tell you, if you haven't done this...how nasty really your house might be, even if you think it is clean? I cleaned baseboards...gross. Bishop vaccumed cracks...vile. Hope cleaned her bathroom...my what a difference is made when we put some elbow grease into it. Jason and Miguel...cleaned the garage! First time, I didn't have to do it!

We didn't make it skating...however, we did return a jacket I bought. Jason said "I don't remember you buying it." I replied "I know." lol...All I bought that night was OPI, named something like Being 25 Again. Love the color. I had the nicest compliment the other day. Someone asked me if my nails were real! Wow, not only are my nails long, but the polish was nice also! Kuddos for me.

I love my husband. Bless his little heart, he is feeling a bit down. He is frustrated with his weight, and he realizes how much family time he is missing out on because he is studying, or working all the time. :( And, frankly, I miss him. I miss just hanging out with him, when I am not tired. And, when he is grouchy...I miss him studying. lol...

So, we are playing Yatzee the other night with Bishop. And, might I add that Bishop scored more Yatzee's during one set, that I have ever seen! Woo-Hoo for Bishop! So, the phone rings, and Jason sitting 3 feet from the phone, said "will you please get that, I'm fat." "Okay..." Then 3 minutes later get gets up and goes to the fridge to get dessert. I look at him, and look at the dessert. He said "what?" Well, see the thing is, I share with him, "only you can do something about your weight, like not eat dessert every night." I sure do love him, though...my big teddy bear, my sensitive husband, but most of all my best friend.

So, I am sensitive also. Don't get me wrong! I get my feelings out of wack also.

Well, it is 4:10, it is time for me to go home!


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Valentine said...

Thank you for FINALLY coming back!!! I've missed you!!!