Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Aren't my doggies the cutest puppies ever? The iddie biddie one is Chewy, and the big white one is Princess...She is the one getting to find a new home. Bishop is very upset. However, she loves to run, and is myserable being cooped up. Bishop agreed that being unselfish is better for that she might run like the wind.

I am getting older. My skin is no longer all the same color. My feet look a little wrinklieeee. My tolerance for noise when sleeping is dissipating faster that Bishop is growing up. My weight has maintained a "Happily married, and older" state. I have found more white hairs in the recent years than the number of times I have moved. And, why is this distressing? Because women aren't allowed to get older! Men can...all day long. How about Al Picino? Hot. How about Pierce in his older years? Fabulous! How about Ty? Much better older! They can be distingued and hot! And, women get...face lifts, and boob jobs. How fair is that?

I have made the executive decision...with help of my loving husband...who cooked dinner the other night...that I am just going to grow old with him. I am going to be elegantly old. I refuse to get my hair shorter and permed! I am not going to wear one of those night gowns! Not. I am not going to die my hair. Salt-n-pepper is beautiful. I am Wonderful just as I am! I am going to order proactive though. Just another package that will arrive in the mail that Jason will throw a fit about.

Speaking of packages. I got my mugs yesterday. I love them. Jason however wasn't thrilled about it. He said something about we already have mugs. Yeah...I want them all to match. He didn't understand. I said that the kids can have our mugs. He said "These are cute." Yeah right. "Sheila picked them out." Yeah. That really kind of hurt my feelings. I pick out mugs that I like, and he likes the one his first wife picked out. Thanks.

OH, but back to the mail stuff. I said you know that I was looking at fiesta ware it was on my blog. He said "I don't read EVERYTHING that you write." Thanks.

I just got off the phone with him and told him that my feelings are hurt. He said "I am a man, and don't remember much. And, the only reason I thought those were cute was because I dont' like spending money." Well, I knew that! I shared with him, that I have a job, a job that makes more money than any other of his wifes he ever had. He laughed and agreed. And said that if I want matching dishes that is alright. :)


Anonymous said...

The pups are darling!!!
I hate getting old, too. I look in the mirror everyday for new wrinkles and then obsess about everything that I've done to cause them!!! I wish I would have listened to my mother:0

Valentine said...

So today you've decided that you want to be salt and pepper? No highlights??? Are you growing your hair out again, too???? ;)

Love ya!