Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bishop has talked about nothing but paint ball guns for like 4 days now. He knows more than we do about it. The teens have begun. He has argued about how expensive it is for about 3 hours a day combined. I told him yesterday that "you are turning into a teenie-bopper." He asked "What is that?" "That is when you are a teen and act like you know more than I do, and I bop you over the head."

We have officially moved. There is a couple interested in our house. Yeah! I hope that they buy it.

I went up to my new school today. I think that it will be fun. :) People are friendly here. I am glad. Well, with the two hour change of time, I am going to start getting ready for bed.

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EE said...

What ages will you be teaching? When do you start?
How's Bishop taking the move???