Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm... or arrrgggg...
Only child getting grown up hair. (Wasn't ready for the show.)
My FH can loose 5 pounds in 3 days, and I have been trying for weeks. (I work out anywhere from 45 minutes a day to an hour and a half...all he does is jogs/walks three miles)
The fact that my grocery bill dramatically decreases when no one else is here.
(and, I never run out of cleaning
Summer is almost over. (I am a bit bored, but not that bored.)
Only child is almost as tall as I am. (I am glad that I started wearing heels early, that way I can still look down at him. I am sure he is glad also. lol...)
I see my nail tech guy everywhere. (Wal-mart, linens n name it, I see him. I am glad that I recently had a pedicure, that way, he doesn't need to remind me to take care of my doggies. lol...)
I went shopping with granny, didn't find anything that I had to have. (growth, progress, when the economy is bad, not impuse buying is a plus.)
I feel like I am getting a bargin on gas that is $3.76 a gallon after gas was like 4 dollars. (I remember paying $.76 a gallon. Ten dollars used to carry me around town for a week not just a day!)
Dad is getting old. (I love my dad, he's a good man.)
Mom is in AK...and never coming home. (I love my mom, and wish that I can see her more often...she is more wise than I thought she was when I was growing up.)
Watching FH's kids turn into adults. (It is hard to let them grow up and make decisions of their own.)
Knowing that I have a group of steadfast fabulous friends...(They laugh, listen, and scare me...One day, Kim scared the pooh out of me. She called me into her room, and came out of her closet with a big scary man...and went boo. I screamed louder than I laugh, which sounds impossible...I do the same for them.)
When FH gets home, knowing that I get to spend all my nights with him. (He is really my best friend...I hope that everyone will end up with a best friend like him one day.)


EE said...

I get you on the losing weight thing. My husband is not even trying and is losing like crazy. I just look at food and I'm up three pounds....grrrrrrr!

Megan said...

great post! and, agree with EVERYTHING you said! I couldn't have said it any better! You rock!