Thursday, May 08, 2008

Allergies and more allergies. Yuck.

So, Mother's day is around the corner. I told OPS (one precious son) what he could get me...and, took him to show him the bottle. Then he told FH. FH had different ideas. Ops found out...and told me, after I bribed him about not taking him to school. lol...Wow, I am horrible. lol... he is my one and only precious son. :) I love him.

Ops still has a girlfriend. I asked what she was wearing the other day. A red and white tee that said "Bimbo" on it. Nice. Just what every mother wants to hear from her 5th grader. Ops has a girlfriend that is a bimbo.

BTW, I have found a new way to terrorize ops. He will be in 7th grade in a couple of years. I told him that if he gets snitty, forgetful about his homework, I am going to have a shirt made that has my school logo, and Bishop's Mom momogrammed on the back. I am not afraid to wear it everyday for a week, and come sit by him at lunch. Heheheheeeee is scared of that. lol

I also told him that I am going to live right next to him forever. Even when he gets married, I am going to buy the house next to yours. He said "or the closest one for sale." "Nope, the one right next door." "Well, that is good I guess, you can weed out all the bad wives." He replied. "And, if you bring home a girl that is wearing indescent clothing. I am going to tell her she can't come back until he has on approperate ones." I said. "That is just scary, right there." He said. It is good to have my bluff in now. lol...

36 is around the corner. 30 wasn't bad at all. 35 didn't hit any bumps. 36 could possibly be on the down hill cycle...possibly. I feel old. My body now stores fat for the winter, spring, summer, and fall. I have nose hairs that are white. I have the turkey goobler fat under my underarm. It is getting harder to loose the muffin top gut. Well, at least I am happy. :)

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