Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A couple of things:
I know state testing is coming up when...
I wake up screaming bloody murder crying, and scared my husband.
He asked what was I dreaming about?
I was dreaming that Woolly Booger (my favorite dog) was trapped in a pentagonal prism made of yellow rulers. I couldn't get him back until I found the total surface area. And, I was afraid that I would never get him back. True story. Happened last night.

A best girlfriend of mine said last Wednesday "Are you going to be ready to run with M____ in the 5k in May?" Well, I have been getting my run on. After February with girl scout cookies, and ordering potato skins everytime I go out to eat...I wasn't even thinking about running. It is a great time to get in shape though.

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EE said...

LOL! Love the scary dream!
I've got to start running. I've gained 11 lbs. with baby, and I didn't even give birth to him:(