Saturday, October 27, 2007

Emily is the most beautiful girl at BK's school. He thinks that she hangs the moon. One teacher friend of mine said that he is too young to have a girlfriend. I said "The extent of their relationship is eating lunch together and talking about 10 year old boy stuff like...what if everyone in the world was bald?" Anyway, she said, they eat lunch together. How sweet. At least BK isn't so scared of talking to girls that he hasn't talked to one at 40.

FH and I are going to a movie tonight. We are going to We Own the Night. I hope that it is good.

School is going well. Projector is mounted. I love that. We have parent teacher conferences this is going to make for a long week. :(

As you can tell, since school has started we have been busy. Sometimes it isn't until 8 until I can sit down and breathe. BK is helping put up laundry. I love that.

FH is taking a senior level course, and has been using the computer every day to write papers. Stuff is going on at his work...can't say much now. We will see what happens.

Have a great week!

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EE said...

I think it's fine that he has a girlfriend...just don't let them go to the movies together (speaking from personal experience here- mine, not my kids).
I hope everything is ok at work.
I miss R.O.L.!