Thursday, August 09, 2007

Getting ready for 7th grade, again.
It's okay, I can do isn't going to be hard. The teachers are nice, the district is wonderful...(No, Bishop isn't going into 7th grade, I am...again.)
The end of summer is bitter sweet. I love to sleep late. Love it. I love not doing much...but, I crave a schedule.
I start work on Monday. Now, I must begin by saying that I love 7th graders. They are fun. They crave attention, but don't want to hug all day long. I love what I teach. It is fun! I love my collueges. They are wonderful.
It is an exciting time of year. What will be stregnth's? What will be weaknesses? Where can I improve? What will the kids be like this year? What am I going to wear on the first day of school?
Okay, Bishop is going into 5th grade. 5th. Middle school. He is worried that the teachers will be mean. lol...I do want to take a minute and brag. Seeing that I am a teacher...I might care more than most. Bishop tested advanced in both literacy and math. :) I am proud of him. He worked hard this year, and had a fabulous teacher!

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EE said...

I am so not looking forward to the start of school. We start on the 21st. We've been sleeping until 10:30 everyday. It's going to suck trying to get them (me) back on an early schedule.
Congrats to Bishop...that's awesome!