Monday, July 23, 2007

This is why I love my husband. He makes me smile and laugh: read the bottom first. Now keep in mind that I have been dying to get a jeep so that I can ride around with the top a free bird...I wrote him first.

I'm leaving at 4:30 ( we have three and half years left to pay on the Honda), yes I will run with you ( there are better options then a jeep) I can't wait to see you (A Passport or a Ridgline will pull the boat better than a Jeep) I love you. ( Tash will like driving one of these bigger bad ass vehicle better than a little bitty jeep)
Best Regards
Jason Ccccccc
Associate Engineer
Somewhere in Arkansas
Office: 555-1414
Cell: 555-1414
Fax: 555-1414

07/23/2007 03:18 PM
Hey (jeep) what are you doing (wrangler unlimited.)? I just painted my nails (they have one). It is a pretty maroony-red (at the jeep place in the town you work.) We need to run today (it is black.) I can't wait to eat steaks today (wouldn't be fun to have?). When are you coming home (for a test drive?)? lol...I love you, Jason.

He is a fabulous man!

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EE said...

You and Jason crack me up!!!
Great post!