Saturday, June 09, 2007

I would rather gain 50 pounds than have an STD. When you are this big 50 won't make a, it would.

Yesterday was my first real day off. It was nice. I painted Hope's GREEN bedroom to a light beige. It looks much brighter in there. It used to be grass green. Yep! And, I started painting my bathroom. It is nice to have summers off to do porjects around the house.

We are going to RENO in a few weeks. I am excited about going. However, I am afraid that it might not be as relaxing because Jason's parents are going. I am definately NOT a morning person. Just ask Jason. lol...I am excited to spend time with them. They are fun people. It is nice to have in-laws that I like, and like me too. lol...Heck, it is nice to have a husband that I like most of the time. lol...The honeymoon is over. We are just a real couple. Every couple after a while are real.

So, in the jist of it all...I am human, my husband is human. We are a human couple, and I bet that all of you are human also. We all have out quirks. We all have our pet-peeves. Mine is dishes in the sink...can't stand it. And, my husbands is my side of the bedroom. He can't stand it. In the grand scheme of things...dishes and the bedroom aren't that big of a deal. I don't think.

This was funny...I don't make my bed, and I don't recall ever doing it. Jason said that I need to have a bedroom like a princess...And, that I should make my bed like a princess. I replied that princess' don't have to make their own bed, that someone does it for is funny after the moment. It is funny what really is said. All the time, we don't really mean what we are saying. What is said is terribly rediculious.

So, in lite of it all...I did help make the bed. :)

Gotta go get my hair done.

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EE said...

That drink thing sounds like my dad!!