Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh the joys of having a 9 year old precious boy:
my apple of my eye, baby boy, mama's boy just came to me with a strange mixture...
he mixed pine-sol, sprite, and ice. He wanted to put it in the fridge, and I said no...what if someone drank it and died. He asked again, and got the same answer. Boys and their inventions...they make good cooks, scientists, and that long after going through strange mixtures is a miracle.

Yesterday, I asked him "What college will you attend?"
b "I guess U of A."
me "Goody, you get to live with us!"
b "don't they have rooms where students can live?"
my heart sunk...then I remembered that teens think they know it all, and it picked back really, the older they get, the less time they are willing to live at home. :( My baby is growing up. :(

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