Monday, January 29, 2007

It is Monday...
Today, I graded a ton of open responses. My kids did horrible. I know what I will be focusing on this quarter!
I, also, just wrote about a fourth of a paper. Yeah. My brain is dead. I was sharing with my husband that I hate writing papers. He said that I should be good at it seeing that I love writting on my blog. I giggled, and reminded him that writting from the heart is much easier than writting from the head, especially when trying to make myself look good. So, tomorrow, I am going to re-read what I wrote and see if it even makes sense.
The police just stopped by my house. Yep, it turns out that my daughter and my oldest son can be really intemidating. That isn't good. My daughter has been doing very well. Maybe after this instance, she will learn that sometimes who we choose to impress isn't always worth it.
My son isn't excited that I have been on the computer since about 4:15 writting. He is dying to play the game that he bought for himself yesterday.
Jason is at school. I don't expect him until about 10:30. Hopefully, I will be alseep, not becasue I don't want to see him, but because that is really late!
C U later!

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