Friday, January 19, 2007

Bad start to the day...
Well, my heater works. That is good.
Then I get to school and prepare for my test.
First of all, I left my lighter in my pocket, it fell out while kids are coming into my room. Oooppppsssss. My sweet little girl said "do you smoke?" "no, I was trying to light a fire with my lighter." She replied "This morning?" "Yeah."
Then, after I composed myself and realized that I am a little liar pants...hate that. Really, I do. And, I don't in front of others...'cause it isn't healthy, it stinks, and it seems worse to do that socially than to get plastered and flash
Oh yeah, back to my story...I am being serious about giving my test, giving instructions, and kids are laughing all around my room. Well, I am nosey, and I like to know the scoop. The lighter girl said "I will tell you when you sit down." I knew fly is open. I turn bright red, and instantly I am burning up. I am now embarrassed. Perhaps more embarrassed than when I farted in front of the same class. Kids giggle, and reassure me that "it is okay. We love you, or else we wouldn't have told you." I replied "So, next time something embarrassing happens to you, know it happens to all of us."
I really felt like a stupid pants, like...I didn't know what to do with my

Everything ended up then acted like nothing happened, and gave my test.
So, in the light of all things...I learned two important lessons, make sure my lighter is not in my pocket, and after using the restroom, make sure that my fly is zipped.
It was terribly fun though in my last class, they tried and tried to figure out my husband's middle name. It was all the boys. If only they put forth that much effort on a regular basis. No really, they are a great group, all three classes. I love what I do.
Several of the girls were in awe when I walked in the door with a new pair of boots. They complimented them. I said "thanks, rackroom shoes 15 bucks. And, I love sales, cause I can get more." Thank God it was Friday.

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EE said...

OMG...My aunt Debbie teaches high school and yesterday her fly was open in front of her class...LOL!!!
Isn't it funny how mortified we would have been 10 years ago, but it's not that big of deal now????
Enjoy the weekend...sounds like you've had a rough week!!!!!