Sunday, December 24, 2006

Yesterday, we were at our in-laws for their H_U_G_E Christmas gig. It was terribly fun... We ate, we visited, and we exchanged gifts. It was all to fun, until...I got marked. Yes, I said marked. Not, X marks the spot, not marked the horrible daughter-in-law. But, by one of the big dogs outside. I was standing in the midst of all the dogs, picking up my dog. And...then I went to walk away, and the pack of 5 over 100 lb. dogs ran the other way. I felt it. It was wet and about knee height. Thanks. Oh what fun it is to sigh in a one knee pee-pee

Talked about getting P.Oed (pee-peed on.) lol.

Above is Jason and his great and grand brother. Are these two odd balls or just one? lol... There is just one odd ball... My brother-in-law has a LARGE family. In a previous blog, there is a picture of them and Bishop posing.

Here is a picture of my sister-in-law. She is Fabulous. She and I have one thing in common, lol, That is supposed to be funny. Really, I am laughing. She is fun to have around. I hope that they all stay in the area, as long as we do.

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