Sunday, November 26, 2006

It has been a long time. I finally have time to sit down. Ever feel that way?
Last weekend, I put up my tree, and all of my Santas. We got our nnew furniture. And, my it looks good. It is nice to sit at a table that isn't getto! I can lean back, at last.

So, we went to my dad's for Thanksgiving. We took my dog. HIS BREATH STINKS! I just bought him some cleaning chew things. And, instead of going to town..he hid them. Like that is going to help. lol...We were on our way to my home town, and Chewy licked my face. My it stunk worse than a sweaty belly-button ever thought about stinking.

We stopped by and ate dinner with Valentine. She gave me another hug...chuckle, chuckle. I am finding that in my married life, and older years...I am rounding out around the edges. She is supposed to send me a picture. We will see.

Speaking of rounding out around the edges. I was single for what seemed like a thousand years before I married my husband. I lived a life of solitude, where it was my way or your grounded. lol. He has a crazy ex-wife that used to throw butcher knives, and smoke soothing drugs with his kids. She is choice. Really. So, life at our house hold is a real growing experince for me. He is accustomed to chaos and confusion around all the time. I am used to creating my really, I was rather solitary. We have hit another growing experince. And, what seems natural for him to do...makes my body go into a point at which I pray that I don't have a stroke. When I think about the trials that have hit me...I can feel the stress headache vein that I popping out the side of my head. Just a couple of more weeks, I can do that.

B back later.

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