Thursday, November 02, 2006

Well, I thought that my dentist was cute...until today! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is over. He hurt me twice. I thought it was love. lol... I called yesterday, and he could see me today! Well, it was all too painful! He came in, and looked, and said "it isn't good." "You are going to need a crown." So, he gave me a couple of shots, and started drilling. I jumped, but not for joy. It was extreme pain! He gave me a different shot. Again, pain! I had three diffrent pain stuff, until it finally worked. I was so tense through the process that I thought I was going to have to go see the chiropractor. You think I am kidding? He keep on looking at my tense hands that were clutching onto the chair. He told me that maybe if I relaxed, I would feel better. Yeah, but who can relax, when there was pain after there should have been? I think I might see if I an get a muscle relaxer before I go to get the real crown. Which by the way, is going to be gold!

Jason is going to be able to finish school in about 3 years by going to the University of Pheniox route. I am proud of him. He is at school right now. Keep in mind, that he is a dork just like I am. Every Thursday night, he comes home, and talks like his foreign accented teacher. It is funny! He still makes me laugh. :)

Is there someone that you with which you work, that is the most miserable person to be around EVER? Well, I get to work with her. She makes snide comments to me all the time. Some days, I feel sorry for her because evidently she is the most miserable non-believer in Christ. And other days, put it nicely, I would like toooo pray for her. She doesn't love her husband, and you should hear some of the rumors that float around about her and her lack of professionalism. All of it is second-hand gossip. I learned that gossip is for people who don't think about intellectual things. lol....
I just try to remember, that misery loves company...and I love my family, love my husband, love my job, love my church, love my friends, and just love my life.

About family, keep my family in your prayers. We have learned of some health problems that may or may not be grim. We are all a little upset at this juncture. However, we will learn more later...

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