Monday, October 23, 2006

So, (with sad puppy dog eyes) this is not my dog below... It does, however, remind me of this story. When my son was about 3 or 4, I got on to him about something. He turned on the charm, and said "Mommy, I am SOOOOO ashamed of myself!" lol...Can you imagine what kind of trouble he might get out of with a girlfriend "I didn't want to do it, it just happened! I am SOOO ashamed of myself!" lol... He's a good kid, I don't imagine he will ever get into real trouble. (cross your fingers, and pray!)

Project Runway! I can't believe that I didn't comment about this! Uli(can't spell) had beautiful stuff! However, I have a soft heart for the underdog. I am delighted to say that I am glad that Jeffery come out on top of Laura! She has a vendictive soul. God bless her, as well as...other people.

So, Jason and I had a great weekend devoted to what I wanted to do. Isn't he a great husband? We went craft fairing! And, he bought me the most beautiful turquoise necklace for Christmas! We went out to eat! He is just wonderful! He also wanted to buy some candles! I don't know what you are missing out with your husband, or boyfriend...but, I am missing nothing! He is the best! And, he is my best friend!


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