Monday, October 30, 2006

Here are excelent excuses for not having HW...or not so excelent. You be the judge.

My binder caught on fire.
My car caught on fire.
It is in my other binder.
It is in my locker.
I left it on the bus.
I left it on my coffee table.
I left it at home.
Even though, it is someone elses hand writing, that really is my paper!
I know that I did all the odds, and skipped the evens. I understood the odds though. ('cause the answer is in the back of the book.)

This all leads to when taking a test, a student might have written:
This stuff doesn't make sense to me. And, obviously, you don't care if I fail because you won't explain the material to me.

So, to make life easier for all...just do homework. Teachers assign it for a reason. Not because, we want you to do tons of work, but because we want you to succeed. :)

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