Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What a wonderful Wednesday!
psst...really that means hump day is over!
Things that I am excited and elated about...
Wednesday is...Project Runway night! There are very few designers left...Who do you think will win? I think that Michael will be there fairly long. We will find out more tonight!
Next week...CSI starts a new season! Which CSI do I like the best? Which one do I not like the best? I love them ALL! Last knew where I was each night of the week...watching CSI. They are all Fantastic! However, one thing that bothers me is...Caine (Miami) shouldn't have black upper eyelashes! Hello, the man has RED hair. What is wrong with that picture? That would be like me buying a brown mascara.
hmm...Fantastic, fantastic reminds me of the Fab 5 that the guy they made over said "Fantastic" the entire show. That was heliarious!
psst...mascara...did you ever wear the blue mascara? I did. I also had GOLD mascara! Gold. That is funny. Just like the orange neon tie and socks that I had. lol. How about the bubble skirt? And, they are back! I almost fell over when I saw them in the store the other day. Mine was plaid. I wore a black turtle neck, tights, and B-E-A-Utiful black patten tie up shoes. I was
Lauren, Josh's girlfriend, is over...she was talking about her appartment. She was bragging about how much she loves her washer. Yeah, it holds about 4 pair of I remember those days.

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