Saturday, September 23, 2006

My dearest Jason comes home in less than 24 hours...
Let's see...I won the fiesta ware 6 mugs...with shipping less than the outfit I bought at Old Navy that was on sale to wear with the Birks that he bought me!
I have also been getting ready to put our house on the market. Tonight was a great night to clean the carpets. And, might I add that I am always fascinated with how much dirt comes out of them. ;)

I am excited because we are having Decade day at school in several weeks! I am going to make a plaid bubble skirt like the one I had when growing up! I am doubly pumped about wearing my hair as high as it will go, and wearing the biggest pair of earrings I can find! lol...

I was visiting with fellow collueges about this wonderous day...I was even talking about wearing roller skates with the biggest pom poms for them I could find! They were laughing. They laughed even more when I was talking about my husband being a "rink rat." I demonstrated how cool he is when roller age 37. lol...We were laughing so hard we almost cried. I sure do miss my big teddy bear. Again, I think about the Vonage commercial.

You know, if you had told me even 2 1/2 years ago that I would be married to him...I would have laughed in your face. It is amazing how God works in my life. He best friend. The first time that I really talked to him, I thought that he was rude, and very unfriendly. And, he thought that I was loud and obnoxious. lol. He got the loud part right, and it depends on who you talk to about the obnoxious part. lol...

I remember seeing him around. Everytime I saw him, I thought that he was funny. He makes me laugh. Hmmm...then there was the time that I thought that he was a know it all kind of guy. Still, I thought about him. I love him.

Bishop and I played fill in the blank the other morning. We openly talk about sex and drugs. I said "If we decide to have sex before we get married, we wear a ___" "Condom." he said. "When we buy condoms they need to be made of ____" "latex, not sheep skin." "Wonderful, Bishop." "We can drink at age ___?" "21, but we don't need to get drunk." .... Oh, I believe that I need to talk about these things now...not when he is 16 and has contracted an STD while obscenely

Well, I guess that I am going to retire now. I don't think that Jason is going to call me from London. :( Still counting...19 hours left.

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