Friday, September 29, 2006

I love where I work! The teachers and principals are FABULOUS! A new teacher to our school this year is great. She is a hoot. She and I were in the principals office talking about school clothing for teachers. He deemed us the "committee of clothing." lol... He, being a shopping male...said "Now only pick out like three things for which teachers to pick, we don't want to over load them..." or something like that...I think that it is easier for him to So, we get back to our rooms, and she said "Let's pick out a bunch of stuff as a joke." Wow, she is cool, I like this gal. We did, and he came down to see, and we had tabbed about 25 things... He shook his head... We laughed. Of course, the whole school heard me laugh, cause I am loud with everything that I do. We told him it was a joke, and he said something like he would prank us back. lol... I told him...See this (my knees) they're knocking! lol...

I am getting my bubble skirt sometime soon. I am going to wear it with black and white over the knee socks, a turtle neck, and the biggest earrings I can find! Plus, I am going to wear bangs as high as they will go! (can you tell that I am an eighties gal?) My kids at school are pumped about that. I think that they get a kick out of me, sometimes. psst...I think they know my bark is bigger than my bite...just like my doggie.

Jason and I were going out to eat tonight, and oppted to stay home. I don't think we have ever done that! I haven't done that since I was single. Jason keeps me really BUSY... I love him though.

So, I am writing on my blog, and playing a USA casino game. I love winning thousands, and thousands of dollars! It is thrilling! And, it is wonderful because when I is just a game. I think that Jason is more pumped about

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Love reading the crazy things you do...we'd definitely get along well!!! Erin